The Best Gas-Electric Cooking Range

The Kuchnia Gazowo Elektryczna Jaka Najlepsza – A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Gas-Electric Cooking Range

Are you in the market for a new cooking range, but can’t decide between gas or electric? Well, why choose when you can have both with a gas-electric cooking range? This hybrid choice is now becoming more common, but with so many options, which one is the best for you? Let’s explore the kuchnia gazowo elektryczna jaka najlepsza (best gas-electric cooking range).

What is a gas-electric cooking range?

Firstly, for those still unsure of what we’re talking about. A gas-electric range uses gas to fuel the stovetop burners and electricity for the oven. The combination allows for versatility when cooking, with the stovetop providing the accuracy of gas and the oven the consistency of electric.

Advantages of a gas-electric cooking range

Efficient cooking

The biggest advantage of the gas-electric cooking range is the efficient cooking it provides. When it comes to stovetop cooking, gas can heat up quickly, giving you more control over the temperature and cooking process. With an electric oven, you can bake or roast dishes at a more consistent temperature and even cook multiple dishes at once, thanks to the dual heating elements found in many gas-electric ranges.

Increased safety

Some may feel gas stoves are dangerous and prone to accidents. However, modern gas-electric ranges offer features that increase safety, such as electric ignition and built-in flame sensors which turn off the gas if it senses no flame. This added safety feature is particularly useful in households with children.

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Energy efficiency

Gas stovetops are more energy-efficient than electric, meaning they cost less to operate. With a gas-electric range, you can use gas for quick and efficient cooking and electricity for the oven, which can provide a more consistent heat without wasting energy.

Features to consider when choosing a gas-electric range

Cooktop burners

Most gas-electric ranges offer between four to six cooktop burners, but it’s essential to consider their size and power. Look for burners that come in different sizes that can accommodate various cooking pots and different levels of heat to ensure accuracy during cooking. A useful feature that is found only on some models is the simmer burner, which provides lower heat for slow cooking.

Oven capacity

The oven capacity is a crucial factor to consider, especially if you tend to bake large dishes. Many models offer dual chambers, allowing for multiple dishes to be cooked at once, or bigger dishes to fit comfortably in the oven. Typically, the oven capacity ranges from 4.0 to 6.0 cubic feet.

Control panel

The control panel is where you will operate the range, so think about the ease of use and the type of display. Some models offer touchscreens, which can be more accurate but may be challenging to use with wet or greasy hands. Physical dials may be easier to use, but they can be less precise. You may also want to look for a gas-electric range with a clock or a timer.

Top gas-electric cooking ranges on the market

1. GE Café CGS995SELSS

The GE Café CGS995SELSS is perfect for those looking for a high-end gas-electric cooking range with lots of features. It offers five burners, including a large center oval burner, a built-in griddle, and a spacious double oven. The range is equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities so you can control the oven through a smartphone app. It is the perfect choice for those looking for a smart kitchen appliance.

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2. Samsung NX58H9500WS

The Samsung NX58H9500WS is the best choice for those on a budget who don’t want to sacrifice performance. It offers five burners, including a large central burner, and a spacious oven with a convection feature. The range is also equipped with a warming drawer, which can keep dishes warm without overcooking, and the easy-to-use control panel helps you to control the temperature with precision.

3. Kitchenaid KSGB900ESS

The Kitchenaid KSGB900ESS is a versatile and powerful gas-electric cooking range that performs equally well for baking, broiling, and roasting. It features five powerful cooktop burners, including a unique simmer burner, and the oven has a capacity of 6.5 cubic feet. A bonus feature of this range is that it comes with a built-in temperature probe, which can alert you when your food reaches the desired temperature.


The best kuchnia gazowo elektryczna jaka najlepsza option for you depends on your budget, style, and cooking needs. Keep in mind the features you want in a gas-electric range, such as burner size and power, oven capacity, and the control panel’s ease of use. After considering these factors and browsing the market’s top ranges, you’ll be sure to find the perfect option for your kitchen.

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